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DISC Market Planning

By DISC Corp | May 6, 2024

Sales budgeting, forecasting, and market planning are crucial components of any organization’s overall success. Each plays a significant role in determining a company’s direction, revenue projections, resource allocations, and overall…

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Just what the heck are black swans and what do I do if I see one?

By DISC Corp | August 2, 2023

Black swan events are rare and unpredictable happenings that have a severe impact on various systems, including economies. Coined by former options trader Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his 2007 book…

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The Copper Future: Becoming a Pawn in the Global Economy?

By DISC Corp | August 23, 2022

Christian Sokoll Copper is the metal of electrification. Looking into copper’s outlook, here at DISC we see a long-term supply problem coupled by ample and sustained opportunity for the electrical…

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DISC July Outlook

By DISC Corp | August 15, 2022

We are in unusual economic times. There are indicators of a brewing recession with declining total GDP output, a common marker of recession. However, other indicators are moving in a…

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Commerce Finds Dumping of Imports of Fabricated Structural Steel

By DISC Corp | June 10, 2022

During a press release for findings issued on January 24th, 2020, as follows: Commerce Finds Dumping of Imports of Fabricated Structural Steel from Canada, China, and Mexico, and Countervailable Subsidization…

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The What and Why of Forecasting

By DISC Corp | October 10, 2020

Forecasting is crucial to the human condition. From stocking the family pantry for the week to estimating the time it takes to get to work. It is in our nature…

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Not Just Another COVID-19 Article

By DISC Corp | April 9, 2020

Trying to understand the economic and social impact following the COVID-19 pandemic is not an easy task – Impossible is a more appropriate term. The media coverage and political environment…

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